Red Telecom is committed to treating your personal information responsibly and transparently. This privacy policy explains how and why we collect, hold and useyour personal information according to our obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 and the Telecommunications Act 1977.

What kinds of personal information do we collect?

‘Personal information’ is any information about you that identifies you or could reasonably be used to identify you.

The kinds of personal information we collect will depend on your particular circumstances and may include:

  • your name and date of birth.
  • your contact details, such as telephone number, physical address and e-mail.
  • your driver’s licence number or other information used to prove your identity.
  • payment information such as your direct debit or credit card details.
  • information used to assess your credit worthiness.
  • details about the products or services that you purchase from us and how you use them.

How do we collect personal information?

We may collect personal information directly from you, from our own records, or from a number of third parties.

You provide personal information to us when you:

  • contact us via telephone, e-mail or otherwise.
  • fill in application forms or answer questionnaires.
  • purchase products or services from us.
  • use our products or services.

We maintain our own records of how you use our products or services and how those products or services are working, which includes:

  • your call history, including the numbers you call or that call you and when those calls are made.
  • how much data you use and when you use it(eg. during peak or off-peak hours).
  • the quality of our products or services, such as data speed and any service interruptions you may experience.

We may collect personal information from third parties such as:

  • credit reporting agencies.
  • government agencies such as law enforcement.
  • our business partners and parties who provide services to us, including parties to whom we disclose information. These are listed below under ‘When do we disclose personal information’.
  • sources that are publicly available.

How do we protect personal information?

Your personal information may be held physically or electronically in secure facilities that we or our service providers manage.We take steps in each circumstance to protect your information from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. Our staff are trained to handle your personal information with due care and confidentiality, and will only access or disclose personal information as outlined in this policy.

How do we use personal information?

Above all, we collect your personal information in order to deliver our products or services to you efficiently and to the best of our ability.

Specifically, we may use personal information for reasons such as:

  • to confirm your identity when you first apply for or purchase our products or services
  • to check your credit worthiness and to fulfil credit reporting obligations
  • to supply the products or services that you purchase
  • for credit management purposes, such as billing and debt recovery
  • to keep you up-to-date about changes to the products or services you are using
  • to provide you with effective customer care when processing and responding to queries, complaints and feedback
  • for quality assurance purposes and to develop our products and services by monitoring quality and performance
  • to ensure fair use of our products and services by monitoring usage trends and volume
  • for staff training purposes.

We may also use the contact information you provide us to send you direct marketing information about our products and services or special promotions that we offer from time to time. This is information which you have elected to receive or which we believe will interest you. If you do not wish to receive direct marketing information, call or write to us using the contact information on our website and we will update your preferences.

When do we disclose personal information?

In order to deliver our products and services to the best of our ability, Red Telecom may disclose your personal information to certain third parties including:

  • contractors or other entities when they provide services to us in relation to our products and services, such as installing and repairing hardware, recovering debts, etc
  • our lawyers, accountants, and other professional advisors
  • our network suppliers and business partners in the provision of products and services
  • credit reporting bodies as permitted by the Privacy Act 1988
  • the Integrated Public Number Database as required by law
  • law enforcement agencies, emergency services and other government bodies as required by law
  • regulatory authorities, such as the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, to resolve complaints.

Do we disclose personal information overseas?

No, we do not disclose personal information to overseas recipients.

How can you access or correct personal information?

Red Telecom endeavours to keep all relevant personal information about you up to date, but we rely on you to notify us of any changes.

You may access or correct your personal information by contacting us through the information on our website.

The Privacy Act 1988 provides for certain circumstances where access may not be given. If this is the case, we will respond to you in writing with the reasons for refusing access.

Accessing your personal information may incur an administrative fee.

How can you make a complaint about privacy?

If you wish to make a complaint about the way we handle your personal information, you can call or write to us using the contact information on our website.Your privacy is important to us, and we will make every effort to provide a prompt and satisfactory response.

If after contacting us you feel that your complaint has not been resolved, you may wish to lodge your complaint with the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman at or the Australian Information Commissioner at

Contact us

If you have any questions about the privacy of your personal information with Red Telecom or if you wish to request a hard copy of this policy, please write to us at via our contact form here.