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Credit Management Policy

Financial Hardship Policy




Our mission at Red Telecom is to ensure that you are satisfied with your Red Telecom products and services at all times. However, we do understand that customers may experience issues which they would like to be resolved in a just and efficient manner. If we weren’t able to assist you through the primary channels, we have developed the complaints process below to ensure that your enquiries are attended to.

Complaints Process

  1. Make Contact for Complaint– Red Telecom can be contacted through any of the options listed below:
  • Phone: 1300 733 835
  • Mail: P.O Box 494, Mascot NSW 1460
  • Email: (Subject: Complaint & Account Number)

When contacting Red Telecom, please be aware of the following options available to you:

  • Someone else acting on your behalf: If you wish, you may ask someone else to act on your behalf. This other person can be a friend, family member or your advocate. If you would like to use this option, please let the Red Telecom Customer Support team know in writing who that person is so that they can list them as your authorised representative. Please clearly state your details (e.g. full name and position) and your business’s details (e.g. business name and address).
  • Customers with Hearing or Speech Impairments: If you are deaf or experience speech or hearing impairments, you can contact Red Telecom by using the National Relay Service (NRS). You can phone the NRS on 133 677 and then ask for 1300 733 835.
  1. Contact Acknowledgement – When contacting Red Telecom by phone, you will be addressed by a Red Telecom Customer Service Representative. Please note that Red Telecom’s Customer Support hours are between 8:30am-5:30pm AEDT, Monday to Friday. If you contact Red Telecom through mail or email, you will receive a response two working days after its receipt.
  2. First Point of Contact Resolution – The Red Telecom Customer Service Representatives are trained to handle complex enquiries and all level 1 issues. Our representatives will assist you in a friendly, helpful manner to ensure that your problems are resolved.
    At Red Telecom, we will endeavour to resolve your problem at the first point of contact. However, depending on the area of your complaint, the time taken for resolution can vary.
    When making a complaint in relation to charges, you must identify the amount and the nature of the charge. While the complaint remains unresolved, Red Telecom will not take further credit management action in relation to the disputed amount.
  3. Escalation to Manager – If our representative is unable to assist you with your issue, they will then escalate it to level 2. The Red Telecom Customer Service Manager looks after all level 2 issues and will be your point of contact for your respective issue. At this time, a first point of contact resolution may not be possible. However, our intention will be to resolve your complaint within our resolution time frames.
  4. Complaint Resolution – If your complaint is not resolved at the first point of contact with Red Telecom, we will inform you of our proposed resolution after the problem has been investigated within 15 working days from the date the complaint was received by us. If Red Telecom determines that the problem cannot be resolved within 15 days, we will inform you about the following:
  • Reasons for delay.
  • Timeframe for resolution completion.
  • If the delay anticipated is a further 10 Working Days or more, and not due to a mass service disruption, we will advise you about the external dispute resolution options including the TIO.

We will endeavour to advise you of any delays in the proposed timeframes. You may also contact Red Telecom at any time to receive an update on your complaint. When we have determined an appropriate resolution, it must be accepted by you before we implement the solution. However, we may choose to implement the solution on your behalf, to your benefit, without your prior approval.

After you have accepted the proposed resolution, or earlier if we choose, we will work towards delivering the resolution offered within 10 working days of providing that resolution unless:

  • Both parties agree otherwise; or,
  • You have not completed the required actions.

Provided we have either:

  • Obtained your consent.
  • Responded to any dissatisfaction you have told us you are experiencing in relation to the outcome of the complaint by providing information regarding our internal escalation process and the external dispute resolution options including the TIO.
  • Attempted to contact you to discuss your complaint or advise you on the progress of the proposed resolution, and have written to you at your last address, stating we have been unable to contact you, providing details of the contact attempts and an invitation to contact us within a specific timeframe of no less than 10 working days but we have not had a response from you.
  1. Urgent Complaints – Red Telecom understands that all customers would consider their complaint as being urgent and prefer a quick resolution in all cases. However, some complaints by definition are more urgent than others as a customer may be in a vulnerable position until their complaint issue has been resolved. A complaint is considered as being urgent if:
  • The complaint has been made by a customer who has applied for, or has been accepted for, financial hardship under Red Telecom’s Financial Hardship Policy and where the subject matter of the complaint can be reasonably presumed to directly contribute to or worsen the Financial Hardship of that Customer; or,
  • The service disconnection is imminent or has occurred and where due process has not been followed.

For urgent complaints, Red Telecom will provide confirmation of the proposed resolution of the urgent aspects of the complaint. If the proposed resolution is accepted by the complainant, the urgent aspects of the resolution will be implemented within 2 working days after the complaint is received.

  1. Explore Other Options – Please provide Red Telecom with a reasonable amount of time to resolve the issue. We will aim to keep you updated with our progress for your issue.
    If, after the internal escalation and complaint handling process has concluded, and you are dissatisfied with our resolution process, you may contact the TIO for an independent resolution of your complaint.
  2. Vexatious or Frivolous Complaints – In some cases, Red Telecom may encounter complaints which are frivolous or vexatious, or behaviour from complainants which we reasonably believe are fraudulent, threatening, racist or abusive.

A complaint will be concluded as being vexatious or frivolous after the complaint has been given careful consideration and it has been appropriately escalated within our internal channels. If we then determine that we cannot assist you any further, we will inform you in writing of the reasons and tell you about the options available for external dispute resolution, including the TIO. Additional complaints from that complainant on the same or similar issues do not need to be accepted by us, other than in the course of an external dispute resolution process.


The development and implementation of the following credit management policy will enable Red Telecom to:

  • Maintain an acceptable level of credit risk for our company;
  • Help manage your expenditure on your telecommunication services.

Credit Assessments

Before the establishment of your account, your creditworthiness will first be determined through a credit assessment. Your account will only be created if you meet our credit approval criteria.

Credit Control

Red Telecom allows you to view your invoices through our website. By visiting, you will be able to see the FAQs related to billings and login to view your previous invoices. To stop unauthorised access, you will need a password to login to view your account.

Finance Decline

In the event that your finance is declined Red Telecom is not privy to the reason for decline. However, Red Telecom may still proceed with network components of the agreement. Should you wish to bring your network services back to your old provider once finance has been declined you will be liable for any charges involved with releasing your lines.

Payment Difficulties

Red Telecom has options available to you if you are experiencing difficulties in relation to paying your account. The options discussed with you will consider your individual circumstances and we will endeavour to determine a payment arrangement which suits both you and Red Telecom.

Credit Management Process*

Your payments can be seen on the invoices provided by Red Telecom. These payments must be made by at least the due date. If the payment is not made on time, you will receive your first friendly reminder through email within 7 days. The reminder will notify you about the amount overdue and the penalties of non-payment. Non-payment will typically involve monetary penalties or suspension/disconnection of lines.

Before the commencement of the credit management action, Red Telecom will ensure that we are communicating with the authorised account contact of your business and that information related to the suspension/disconnection of lines are clear.

Special consideration may be provided to customers experiencing financial hardship. 


Customers experiencing financial hardship may be entitled to special arrangements from Red Telecom. For more details, contact Red Telecom on 1300 733 835