iPECS UCP 100/600 Phone System

Unlock your business’s potential with either the iPECS 100 or 600 phone system. The iPECS 100 is designed to be used by up to 100 devices, whereas the iPECS 600 is for up to 600 devices. Both phone systems are the complete solution combining data, voice and applications, designed specifically for the needs of small to medium businesses. Experience unrestricted business growth with the iPECS phone systems which have been developed to grow with your business due to its modular design. Assisting communication and collaboration, the iPECS 100 and 600 contributes to a more efficient work environment allowing your business to stay competitive.


  • Voicemail
  • Auto Attendant
  • Built-in Automatic Call Distribution
  • Mobile Extension
  • Powerful Call Handling Features
  • Embedded SIP
  • Embedded Hotel Features