First Impressions Matter

Placing a customer on hold, even just to transfer a call, is never ideal. Your business has so few opportunities to make a good impression, it’s essential to take advantage of every chance to showcase your best assets.

On Hold Messages are a great marketing opportunity that allow you to engage your customers with messages that promote your company. Rather than holding the line with music or dead air, Messages On Hold provide you with a unique tool to keep your callers actively listening to carefully designed sales pitches while they wait to speak with your customer service representatives.

Scripted by professional copywriters, the voice overs are mixed with background music for a pleasant recording that will keep waiting callers on the line.

of business calls are placed on hold

of people prefer On-Hold Messages.

of customers initiate sales over the phone.

increase in caller retention.

Creative Professional Scripting

Your customer is on the line and they’re listening. Do you know what to say? It’s a rare opportunity, making it crucial that you get the messaging right. Our experienced copywriters know how to create compelling marketing copy that will engage listeners and pique their interest. Our team will script your On Hold Messages to complement your corporate image so it reflects your brand for a powerfully persuasive communication tool. Whether it’s for a school, dentist, lawyer, workshop, GP or local government – we give you a message that is fresh, interesting and relevant so your customers won’t tune out.

Professional Voicing

Your recording will depend on why and how long people are on hold. A welcome message will greet and direct customers with menu prompts while a hold message will provide a sales pitch or further information while callers wait or are transferred. Whatever your requirement, our team can create what you need.

The Right Message – for the Right Caller

There’s more to keeping your callers engaged than creating a compelling script with professional delivery. It’s also important to cater to the different types of customers you deal with. For instance, the strategy will be different for a business that has repeat callers and one with unique callers. It’s also essential to consider your long term marketing goals and ensure your On Hold Message will continue to be relevant. To accomplish this, we look at your sales targets and business profile to create a schedule for updates that keeps your messaging fresh. For more information on any our Message On Hold services, get in touch with Red Telecom today.