Are you spending more time and energy in fixing IT problems rather than developing your business? Red Telecom, powered by BitLOGIC, provides IT services for you.


For small to medium enterprises, the time and investment required to maintain IT equipment on site is overwhelming. You need an IT consulting service that provides comprehensive and proactive support. Working with the experienced team at BitLOGIC, we are able to reduce your downtime and boost performance while cutting your overheads. With a customised service designed to match your business needs, we will take care of the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of your IT infrastructure.


  • Reduced Costs.
  • Consistent Support.
  • Simplified Operations.
  • Technical Expertise.
  • Personalised Support.


An IT Audit can help you get more out of your IT. It is a critical element of your business as it can deliver you with a competitive advantage and business success. The development of an IT Audit follows 3 simple steps:

  1. The BitLOGIC team will first have a chat with you to better understand your business and its IT situation. This helps the team understand if the IT complements or inhibits your business.
  2. Next is an inspection of your business’s IT assets to assist the BitLOGIC team in understanding your specific requirements.
  3. The final stage is a discussion of your business goals to determine how IT can best help your business.

The information provided throughout this process will help BitLOGIC formulate a customised IT plan and a Risk Register for your business.


  • Business efficiency.
  • Helps your business move in the right direction.
  • Makes better use of your monetary and time resources.
  • Identifies areas of improvement.
  • Comparison and analysis of your IT with your competitors.
  • Customised IT Plan and Risk Register to help your business grow.


Keep a backup of your business data to ensure your business continues to operate smoothly even after any setbacks. Using the resources of BitLOGIC’s Backup as a Service (BaaS) infrastructure, you are able to have the backup of your data created without having to worry about its maintenance or an in-depth knowledge of what’s occurring. With the BaaS, you would only have to pay for what you need.


  • Lower up-front investment.
  • Flexible capacity (use only what you need).
  • Low on-going cost.
  • Fast recovery time.
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Our full range of IT Services includes:

  • IT & Business Consulting
  • IT Support & Project Services
  • Networking and IT Security
  • Software Development
  • Business Internet
  • Cloud & Infrastructure Services
  • Collaboration
  • Hardware & Software

Spend more time on your business while we take care of your IT

Save time, stress and money with managed IT support from Red Telecom, powered by BitLOGIC. Give us a call 1300 733 835 (RED TEL) or Contact Us to speak to our team in Sydney about your needs. We’ll show you how we can best provide support for your enterprise and leave you free to focus on what you do best – growing your business.