About this policy

To ensure that every customer has access to the Services they require, Red Telecom has adopted this Fair Use Policy to prevent unreasonable or excessive usage of our Services.

This Fair Use Policy applies in relation to the use of any Service provided by Red Telecom.

Red Telecom may update the terms of this Fair Use Policy from time to time.

Prohibited use

You must not use or allow any person to use a Service in a way that Red Telecom reasonably considers to be:

  • a breach of any law, code or regulatory standard;
  • a breach of the Terms and Conditions of the Standard Form of Agreement with Red Telecom (“Customer Terms and Conditions”);
  • likely to disrupt the provision of Services to other Red Telecom customers;
  • designed to avoid any restrictions placed by Red Telecom on a Service; or
  • otherwise unreasonable or excessive.

Without Red Telecom’s prior written consent, you must not use or allow any person to use a Service to cause network throughput that is, in Red Telecom’s opinion, unusually high or continuous. This includes using a Service to support:

  • substantial carrier or service provider data aggregation applications, or
  • connections to facilitate carrier or service provider interconnection.

Breach of Fair Use Policy

Where Red Telecom, in its sole discretion, considers that you have breached this Fair Use Policy, Red Telecom will notify you of the breach and ask you to stop any prohibited activity.

If, after being contacted as above, you continue to be in breach of this Fair Use Policy, Red Telecom may without further notice:

  • limit, suspend or terminate a Service in accordance with our rights under the Customer Terms and Conditions; and/or
  • report your conduct to any relevant law enforcement or regulatory authority.