Our Mission

Personalised and professional whole business solutions for Australian small to medium businesses – with an ongoing commitment to support those in need.

Who We Are

Why Red?

Why Red Telecom?


Who We Are

Red Telecom is an Australian, privately-owned whole business solutions provider, servicing primarily Australia’s SMEs market. Originally a telecommunications company based in Sydney, Red Telecom has now expanded to offer whole business solutions to companies in NSW and QLD.

Offering telecommunications services is a core component of Red Telecom’s solutions. Before the inception of the company, extensive market research with thousands of business owners identified that they all had similar areas of concerns when dealing with smaller service providers. This weakness in the market provided an opportunity for Red Telecom to change these impressions with exceptional telecommunication services and solutions.

After a period of time, Red Telecom further identified the business need for a whole solution. Businesses needed both telecommunications and technology solutions for their office. Red Telecom recognised this gap in the market and took the next step to become a singular point of contact for SMEs looking for a whole business solution.


A question Red Telecom often gets asked is why the ‘red’ in Red Telecom. ‘Red’ was not chosen randomly; it was chosen because of what the colour red represents. The red of Red Telecom is its powerful center that emanates strong energy to all its revolving parts. The red motivates businesses to take action; it is an epitome of power and strength, the foundations to any good business. The red empowers business owners’ determination for business achievement including, but not limited to, productivity, revenue and growth.

Red Telecom’s vision is to provide businesses with power and strength for business success, and the company’s products and services achieve the aforementioned purpose. It was for these reasons that ‘red’ was integrated into the name Red Telecom.


A focus on your business

Our expert telecommunications consultants work with you to create a simple, customised solution that delivers real efficiencies and savings. The integrated solution is designed to boost your business’s productivity and allow you to focus on what matters most – your business’s growth.

Brilliant Service

Our promise to you is to provide brilliant service and workable solutions. We will listen to you and identify the best possible solution for your business’s needs.

Outstanding Solutions

Red Telecom is a full service provider. We connect all forms of communications- office phones, mobile, broadband and data technologies. We provide all the tools, connectivity and infrastructure for your business to stay connected.

Our products and services range from every day fixed wire usage to premium grade VoIP. At Red Telecom, we offer a full suite of products with all major networks allowing you to choose which service and network as your preference.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Our Australian based Customer Care centre provides access to highly responsive staff trained to assist your every need. We provide expert technical support for all your communications needs, including installation, setup and maintenance of your telecommunication equipment.

Sydney Children’s Hospital

Red Telecom is the first telecommunications company in Australia to support the Sydney Children’s Hospital. One of Red Telecom’s core values is community and, through the value of community, Red Telecom proudly sponsor and support the Sydney Children’s Hospital.


2017 ARN ICT Industry Awards Finalist

For the third year in a row, Red Telecom was announced as a finalist for the 2017 ARN ICT Industry Awards. 

Red Telecom was recognised for its successful integration of telecommunications as a solution for their customers. Additionally, Red Telecom was recognised for its growth over the past 12 months, along with business development, customer service/reputation and investment.

2017/18 Small Business Champion Finalist

Red Telecom was announced as an Australian Small Business Champion finalist for 2018 in the Services category for the second year in a row.